We are the UK's favourite Alpine street food company. You may have seen us at some of the great events and festivals we cater for around the country. We're the ones that lovingly grill whole wheels of Raclette cheese straight on to crushed potatoes and french fries!

Our Raclette cheese comes from Annecy, near Lake Geneva, sausage from Toulouse and we use genuine French cornichons that are sharp and crunchy.

Make sure to follow the smell and look out for the 'CHEESE AVALANCHE'...



Every year we bring our Raclette to different festivals and shows around the UK, we hope to see you soon!





Le Rac Shack is the brain child of Sam Hope.
Having served his time at Exeter University, Sam set out looking for a way to channel his youthful exuberance in a positive direction and decided to pursue his passion for food.

The street food scene was already blooming but no one was doing Raclette? MADNESS. Sam's fondest holiday memories are those eating and enjoying Raclette with his family in the Alps. Based on this nostalgia and a strong gut feeling, Le Rac Shack came to be.

Over the years Le Rac Shack has perfected and refined irresistible alpine ingredients, to create a mind-blowing Raclette experience. We strive to maintain not only a high standard of cuisine, but also an entertaining atmosphere wherever we're serving. Even if you're not hungry, the pure spectacle of watching the cheese being melted straight from the wheel, is well worth a watch.

We have been lucky enough to visit the UK's biggest and best events and enlightened thousands of people to the charms of Raclette, so follow your nose and join the club.......


Le Rac Shack is available for private bookings, perfect for weddings and office parties. Use our online booking system and we will get back to you shortly. 

Discounts available for larger bookings. We don't usually cater for parties under 50 ppl, please get in touch and we can see what we can do.




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